How To Determine Your Skin Type

When it comes to skin care the very obvious and important step is to find your skin type. Using the wrong skin type product for your skin can cause damage by making it too oily or too dry. Choosing a too thick or thin and runny moisturiser can also be harmful if isn’t meant for your skin type.

The process of identifying your skin type is too easy peasy. Follow the below mentioned steps and you can perfectly choose your skin care products and make a routine out of it.


Take a blotting sheet and place it over your face. Pat it well and check the sheet under light. If you find the patches of very little or absolutely no oil you tend to have dry skin. If you find patches of oil from the T zone your skin is normal/combination. Similarly if you find the sheet having heavy patches of oil you are most likely to have an oily skin.


This method does not include using any product for at least 1 hour after gently cleansing the face with a mild cleanser. After 1 hour if you find your skin tight while smiling or any facial expressions you tend to have dry skin. If your nose and forehead becomes shiny then you are most likely to have normal/combination skin.


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It should also be kept in mind that our skin and its needs changes according to the climatic changes and should be taken care of it accordingly. Using the right skin care product is the key. So choose suitable products and make a skin care routine for the bright, glowing and happy skin.

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